Around the Clock Church Health – ATCCH

The objective of Around the Clock Church Health (ATCCH) is to ensure that the church is operating in optimum health as it seeks to obey Christ’s command in THE GREAT COMMANDMENT (Matt. 22:37-40), THE GREAT COMMISSION (Matt. 28:19-20) and THE GREAT COMBAT (Matt:16:18). From these three passages of scripture we have discovered “THE SIX IMPERATIVE ACTS” of our Lord’s Church. The ATCCH Vision Clock clearly highlights The Six Imperative Acts of Christ’s church starting at the 3 o’clock hour and advancing clockwise to the 12 o’clock hour and finally ends at Hands-shaft. A commitment to using this process for all believers on a continual basis ensures a healthy church, which is a growing church.

  1. The 3 o’clock hour signifies (Missions / Evangelism)
  2. The 6 o’clock hour signifies (Magnification / Worship)
  3. The 6 o’clock hour (Militancy / Warfare)
  4. The 9 o’clock hour signifies (Membership / Fellowship)
  5. The 12 o’clock hour signifies (Maturity / Christ-likeness)
  6. The Hands-shaft signifies (Ministry / Service)